3rd Iberian Meeting
11 & 12 June, 2019 Porto - Portugal


3rd Iberian meeting of OpenFOAM® technology users

The 3rd FOAM@Iberia Meeting, to be held in 11-12 June at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal), will be the annual meeting point of the OpenFOAM® Iberian community. These informal gatherings are the opportunity to be introduced to OpenFOAM®, meet and interact with other OpenFOAM® users/developers, learn about the most recent developments of the computational library and share and disseminate your OpenFOAM® achievements. These events are intended to play a significant role on the dissemination of OpenFOAM® not only in Portugal and Spain since they are also open to worldwide participants.

The meeting will comprise presentations on the latest OpenFOAM® developments, OpenFOAM® Basic/Advanced courses and lectures given by prestigious invited speakers. We would like to welcome in Porto all the recent and/or experienced Foamers @PT and @SP, among others, to continue building together a strong and active OpenFOAM community. Additionally, you can visit and enjoy the attractions of Porto, a city that is a 3-time winner of the prestigious “European Best Destination” prize (2012, 2014 and 2017).

The organizing committee

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Institutions & Sponsors

Organizing Committee

09h00 - 09h30 Opening session
Training sessions (I)
Computers available for trainees of basic training sessions. Advanced training sessions are not hands-on, thus do not require computers.
Basic (I) Advanced (I)
09h30 - 11h00 Introduction to OpenFOAM Rita F. Carvalho
{ Presentation | Work files }
swak4Foam and PyFoam Bruno Santos
{ Presentation | Work files }
11h00 - 11h30 Coffee break
11h30 - 13h00 Basic Meshing Wagner Galuppo
{ Presentation | Work files }
Conjugated heat transfer Sacha Mould
{ Presentation | Work files }
13h00 - 14h00 Lunch
OpenFOAM solvers/features development
14h00 - 14h15 Gompute HPC Cloud for CAE
Manuel Lopez Quiroga Teixeiro, Gompute
14h15 - 15h15 Keynote Dr. József Nagy
Alternative approaches to fire simulations in OpenFOAM
15h15 - 15h30 Development of a novel discrete ordinate method in OpenFOAM including anisotropic scattering and enhanced light sources
Jose Moreno San Segundo, Cintia Casado, Javier Marugán
15h30 - 15h45 OpenFOAM solver for 3d modelling of solar thermal volumetric receivers coupled to concentration systems
Germilly Barreto, Paulo Canhoto, Manuel Collares-Pereira
15h45 - 16h00 Breakdown of a falling film in rivulets with reacting parcel film foam
A.Gosset, D. Barreiro
16h00 - 16h30 Coffee break
16h30 - 16h50 The OpenFOAM® governance structure
Mark Olesen, ESI/OpenCFD
16h50 - 17h05 3d vof-les simulations of the jet wiping process
D. Barreiro, A.Gosset
17h05 - 17h20 Biofouling in micro devices: a numerical study with OpenFOAM
Soraia F. Neves, J. Ponmozhi, J.B.L.M. Campos, J.M.Miranda
17h20 - 17h35 3d simulation of the aerodynamics of a wood drying kiln
Cristina Caravaca García, María González Taboada, Andrés Gómez
17h35 - 17h50 Combustion dynamics in an undulated micro-channel
P.R. Resende, A. M. Afonso
17h50 - 18h05 Development of condensationfoam solver for the numerical simulation of film condensation processes
David Vilar, Elena Martin And Jaime Sieres
18h05 - 18h20 Rheothermtool: an OpenFOAM flow solver for viscoelastic fluids in non-isothermal conditions
F. Vide, C. Veiga Rodrigues, F.T. Pinho, A.M. Afonso
20h30 Dinner @Postigo do Carvão
OpenFOAM Applications
09h00 - 10h00 Keynote Eugene de Villers
An overview of current CFD developments at ENGYS
10h00 - 10h15 Next Generation IO
Pedro Pinto, Fujitsu
10h15 - 10h30 OpenFOAM for wind site assessment at vestas
Florian Mintgen, René Rauffus, Carlos Veiga Rodrigues
10h30 - 10h45 Study of real floating structures under severe weather conditions.
Gabriel Barajas, Javier L. Lara, Benedetto Di Paolo, Maria Maza, Iñigo J. Losada
10h45 - 11h00 Hydrodynamic analysis and optimization of an asv
Luís Oliveira, Tiago Bartolomeu
11h00 - 11h30 Coffee break
11h45 - 12h00 Implementing middleware to interact with OpenFOAM®
Bruno Santos, Nelson Marques
12h00 - 12h15 Biomimetic inspired design of fluidic components using OpenFOAM
J.M. Miranda
12h15 - 12h30 On the numerical prediction of aeolian erosion phenomena on tandem sand piles through large eddy simulation
Pedro Brito, Almerindo D. Ferreira
12h30 - 12h45 Experimental assessment of a numerical modelling code developed for the profile extrusion cooling stage
C. Fernandes, A. Rajkumar, F. Habla, S. Mould, A. Sacramento, O.S. Carneiro, J.M. Nóbrega
12h45 - 13h00 CFD study of flow in systems filled with open-cell foams
José Daniel Araújo, João M. Miranda, Manuel A. Alves
13h00 - 14h00 Lunch
Training sessions (I)
Computers available for trainees of basic training sessions. Advanced training sessions are not hands-on, thus do not require computers.
Basic (II) Advanced (II)
14h00 -15h30 Post-processing Célio Fernandes
{ Presentation | Work files }
IHFOAM Gabriel Barajas
{ Presentation | Work files }
15h30 - 16h00 Coffee Break
16h00 - 17h30 Multi-phase flows József Nagy
{ Presentation | Work files }
Wind engineering modeling João Azevedo & Carlos Santos
{ Presentation | Work file 1 | Work file 2 }
17h30 Closing Session

Keynote Speakers

Dr. József Nagy graduated from the Vienna University of Technology in Physics and finished his PhD in Chemical Engineering. For six years he held the position of a post-doc at the Johannes Kepler University, where he worked on polymer materials. He is the Chair of the Technical Committee for Tutorials and Documentation in the OpenFOAM Governance System. He has the biggest YouTube channel with specialized tutorials for learning CFD with OpenFOAM. Currently he is a CFD engineer at eulerian-solutions. His areas of interest are diverse, multiphase flows, complex materials, porous media, fire and species dispersion, Fluid-Solid Interaction (FSI) and model development and implementation as well as custom workflows for specific applications.

Dr. Eugene de Villiers is the Managing Director of Engys Ltd, a leading provider of open-source CFD for the enterprise sector and developer of the OPENFOAM-based HELYX suite. He received his Ph.D. from Imperial College London, where he worked in the group of Prof. David Gosman, one of the pioneers of commercial CFD and the co-founder of CD-Adapco. This was the same group that created FOAM - renamed OPENFOAM. He has made significant contributions to the code, particularly in the context of the grid generator now known as "snappyHexMesh". Currently, he leads a team of talented young developers working on a diverse set of topics, including (but not limited to!) multi-phase, immersed boundaries, advanced solver algorithms, adjoint optimisation, CHT, turbulence modelling, machine learning and mesh generation.

Mark Olesen moved to Germany after the PhD and worked for several years in the automotive industry (internal flows) with various commercial tools, in addition to integrating OpenFOAM into the development process. During this period (OpenFOAM-1.3 and later), multiple contributions were fed back into the OpenFOAM code base. Mark joined OpenCFD Ltd. as a core developer in 2016.


The deadline of abstract submission is April 30, 2019
The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to the 18th of May, 2019!

Abstract submission closed.


Workshop Fees

Till: One day Two days
30th April €75 €100
31th May €90 €130
10th June €150
Students (two days) €40 (excluding workshop dinner, +€30)

There are no more places for the Basic Track courses

Regular registration fee includes participation in all meeting activities, coffee-breaks, lunch and the dinner on the 1st day. Students fee doesn't include the dinner but you will be able to include this option from the registration form (additional 30€). Trainees for advanced trainning sessions are requested to bring their own laptops.

The payment of the workshop registration fee should be done by credit card or via bank transfer (further details will be provided during the registration process). Upon the confirmation of the payment, you will receive an email informing that your place in the workshop has been reserved.


For any information regarding registration, please contact us at:
Abreu Events - Conference Secretariat
Maria João Coelho
+351 22 204 3571
+351 222 043 693


The Conference will be held at the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP)
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias | 4200 – 465 Porto – Portugal

Please see here how to get to the venue/FEUP.

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